Learning through play is always a really effective way for students to make great progress. Why not include a game of football in your KUBO computing lessons. This activity is a great way to get students visualizing a function to score a goal!. Your students will be building routes, writing functions and debugging.

What you will need:

A blank KUBO map A3 or A4 (can be downloaded here), four counters in two colours, A KUBO Coding set, a KUBO Coding+ set (optional) and a blank KUBO costume for the students to decorate as a ball (optional).

In this example the Blank KUBO map has been printed onto a piece of green card and the white lines drawn with chalk.

How it works

KUBO is the football!

Each student has two players represented by their two counters. They take turns to be the attacker or the  defender.

Student 1 (attack) has two Strikers and Student 2 has a defender and goalkeeper.

They place their players (counters) on to the pitch (KUBO mat). Student 1 then has to write a function that passes ‘Football KUBO’ from the first striker to the second striker and then into the goal without touching student 2’s players. If successful, they score a point. The Students should then swap roles so Student 2 can score some points! 

If the function is not successful then it’s a great debugging opportunity for the two students. Can they work together to fix the function and explain what they did?

To make this activity more accessible to younger students and new KUBO users, the TagTiles® could be laid out on the mat (as shown in the picture).

Students can then progress to making two functions, one for the pass and one to score the goal.

To extend this activity even further, we can include KUBO Coding+. Ask the students to add a wait function when the ball reaches the second player and make Football KUBO change direction, as a ball would. This example even has the option of including a loop and introducing repetition.

Have fun playing football with KUBO and let us know how your football match goes!

By: Nicola Kleiser
Education Technology Consultant.
Crewe, United Kingdom